Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday, April 24, 6:53am
State College PA - The Nittany Lion Inn

So much for blogging daily, huh?  I need to be dressed an out of this room by 7:15 - so this will be quick.

Yesterday was daughter Julie's 50th birthday.  This is not an easy time for her - and I don't think it is about the years.  Regardless, she is doing good stuff, tough stuff, stuff that makes my life a lot easier.  She is very special.  I love her so much.  (And we are going to go see The Lion King in Manhattan in May).

Watching reruns of Mad Men.  Had not seen it before.  Last night as I was watching, Betty had an orgasm with the rumbling washing machine.  Ouch.  These folks are my contemporaries.  It takes place in 1960 - and Betty is 28.  I was 25.  I remember those 'men-in-suits'.  As I deliberately recollect, I especially remember John B and Phil.  Certainly better than a washing machine.

Socks - where do they go?  Why do two go into the washer-dryer and only one come out?  I remember years ago someone telling me that she safety pinned her husbands (not hers because she was probably wearing panty hose then and me too) socks together before putting them in the washing machine so they would come out as pairs.  A little too compulsive for me.  I wonder if I can let myself wear whichever two socks my hands land on in the sock drawer.  If I land on a pair, fine.  If I land on two loose socks, fine.  Sometime I do that if I am going to be around the house all day.  Need to let myself do it for whenever.  Should take the same approach with earrings as I have many singles in my box.

Those are my morning thoughts.  Time to dress and go.

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